Tips for Recording

Your Episode

Zencastr How To:
At your scheduled recording time click on the Zencastr link. No need to sign up for anything. This will bring you to the webpage where we will record the episode. Click on the settings icon in the top right of the page that looks like a gear. Here you can make sure that it is detecting the microphone (input) and headphones (output) that you prefer. Once everyone is on the webpage we will be able to hear each other and hit record when we’re all ready! More tips below!


Zencastr Tips:
Top 5 Do's:
- Do check your internet speed. We recommend a minimum of a 3 MB upload/download connection.

- Do connect your headphones and / or microphone before clicking on your recording link.

- Do use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. Other browsers are not supported.

- Do wait for all audio healthchecks to pass before recording.

- Do grab a pair of headphones and (preferably) an external microphone.


Top 5 Dont's:
- Don't use a mobile device to record.

- When you stop recording, don't close your recording window until your file has been fully uploaded and you see the message on your screen.

- Don't run Zencastr through an incognito window or in private browsing mode.

- Don't have extra tabs open on your browser. Close anything you don't need while recording.

- Don't load other computer programs while recording. Once you have your recording link, feel free to click on it in advance so you can check and make sure everything is set-up correctly.