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In episode 2 of Season 3 I connected with Pamala McCoy, a purpose driven credit industry professional with a career that spans over 25 years. Pamala shares her story of growing up in a military family, her connection with her husband who also served in the military, a life changing car accident while she was in college, and her passion to serve in many areas of the community.

Please keep Pamala and her family in your thoughts as she is currently evacuated from the Tampa, Florida area due to Hurricane Ian.

Below is Pamala's description of her work, including links! Check it out!

I provide customized in-depth financial capability education/personal money management seminars/webinars incorporating self-esteem and self-leadership, additionally one-on-one consultations as well as other training topics or curriculum (customized or client’s curriculum). In addition to being the wife of a Veteran who served 30 years, the daughter of a father who served 28 years and the sister of two brothers who are Air Force Academy graduates and Veterans, I also have experi

ence in television and radio in my area of expertise [some segments available via YouTube] and I have written and published my first book and had a book written about me and participated in an anthology.

At your leisure, please view my website, my YouTube channel, attached and below.

P.S. Endorsement letter from The BECK Group who was pleased with their customized seminar and its outcomes as well as Catholic Charites partnership are attached (I can provide other endorsements if requested).

NOTE: It is the m

ission of BONA5DCC to EDUCATE. EMPOWER. EVOLVE. ENLIGHTEN. ENRICH. each individual or family that I am bless to serve.


BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC – the company which was established in 2008 specializes in providing financial capability education/personal money management. We showcase over 28+ years’ experience in the credit industry in various capacities to include training. I have presented at conferences, partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to teach financial literacy in their summer program; as well as, been engaged by the President of PHSC and fulfilled a contract presenting a customized semin

ar at all five campuses. Additionally, I partner with Solita’s House for FIT Camp {Financially Intelligent Teens} as well as have taught Home Buyers Education classes under another division of this HUD certified non-profit. If you run across clients who could benefit from my services, I would much appreciate the referrals.


Are you in need of real solutions to credit education?

Need answe

rs to credit questions?

Demystify your credit report?

Want to gain tools that can be immediately applied to solidify one’s financial future?

Fair pricing for fundamental facts and in-depth understanding to fortify your finances through seminars & one-on-one consultations

Especially considering that today's challenging economic environment is impacting individual and business' finances alike. With 84% of college students having a credit card, 68% having made purchas

es knowing they did not have the money to pay the bill, and 21% having a balance between $3,000-$7,000. Not to mention, approximately 50% of workers currently living paycheck to paycheck and 35% saving one week or less of their paycheck. I know your organization will positively benefit from participating in a BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC Financial Capability Education Seminar.

When you hire us, you get nearly 30 years of experience in the credit industry. Our customized sessions a

re structured to share valuable credit information and applicable tools that participants can immediately put to use to improve their financial circumstances.

Why should you provide a financial capability education session for your constituents? It will let them know you genuinely care about their overall well-being and that you understand that their financial security is directly related to their quality of life. Additionally, your investment in your constituents (however you define your constituents) will yield a positive reputational benefit for your organization.

Hiring BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC will put your organization in a class all by itself in being known for providing a firm financial footing by empowering participants with credit knowledge they need to evolve into financially secure individuals. This peace of mind relieves stress, resulting in better health and self-assured individuals, families, and community.

Let us create a custom financial literacy session for you today. We look forward to being engaged to "FUEL INDIVIDUAL'S FINANCIAL POTENTIAL™".

Please feel free to share my information with other decision makers in your circle of influence, but should you send to anyone, please send me their contact information so I may follow up.


B5 ReAffirm The product is a tangible behavior modification tool designed to help young females shift their mindset to that of “I’M ME” (Improve My Mental Esteem) and transform their negative thought process into powerful

positive self-talk. In this season of greater isolation and uncertainty, now more than ever, self-esteem is crucial for overall well-being.

The B5 ReAffirmation Box: “SELF-ESTEEM IN A BOX” along with the G.R.A.C.E. (Gratitude, Reflection, Attitude, Character, Esteem) workbook is a tool that has shown to be impactful in improving the low self-esteem of young females. By adding it to the tools that already exist, we can further IMPACT! females in your community.

For more information on “WHY B5”,

click the link and see B5 ReAffirm product explainer video

B5 ReAffirm Explainer Video

as well as a recent testimonial

Testimonial - K. Scott, GCJFCS Retreat

and my most recent conference speaking

Pamala McCoy on 'Why B5' at SpeakerCon2021 (Dr. Cheryl Wood conf with Les Brown)


P.S. Please see recent testimonials … NC100BW

Ms Antonia Barber, NC100BW B5 ReAffirm testimonial

and GCJFCS Retreat

Testimonial - K. Scott, GCJFCS Retreat

P.S.S. Girl Scout partnership via the patch program ... the girls complete tasks to earn their B5 patch (see 3rd attachment) …. Mary Pat King, CEO Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

Mary Pat King, CEO GSWCF video

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