Weekly Update: Reggie Garrett

#takenotice Weekly Update!

The mission of this project is to Take Notice (to listen, to hold space) by amplifying Black stories, experiences, and voices. Conversations on family life, finding joy, and interests of folks in our country who encounter racism on a daily basis. A portion of these discussions will be dedicated to holding space for guests who are comfortable sharing their personal experiences with racism. Stories help us all learn and connect. We are here to listen. To Take Notice.

Thank you for being here.

Tomorrow’s episode is a conversation with Seattle based musician, Reggie Garrett. Reggie Garrett was one of my very first guests that I had the honor to record back in September. His generosity and ease of story-telling calmed my nerves and made my job easy. I have so much appreciation for Reggie for spending time with me before this project was even launched!

Tomorrow: Reggie Garrett

December 15: Kevin Kibet

Break until January 5!

We hope you are all staying safe and well during the holiday season. Take care out there and thank you for joining us in Taking Notice.

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